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Draftgym is an educational and media distribution platform for European daily fantasy sports players founded in February 2019. We are focused on providing our readers with top-quality content for daily fantasy sports helping them improve their skills. Our articles are produced by some of the best DFS players in Europe with dozens of thousands of euros in winnings to their names. 

Our content philosophy is based on providing quality educational fantasy sports content. However, we aim to entertain our readers as well because we believe any game should be fun. That is why we keep searching for new ways to connect with our audience every day. Bringing innovation to the European daily fantasy sports industry both in terms of content, promotions, and technology, we believe we can help the market on this side of the pond grow steadily.

Our business model is simple and is based on generating new highly engaged traffic for fantasy sports and sports betting operators. We take a cut of the commission generated from every new player referred by us. So in basic terms — we help operators improve their marketing, and share revenues in case our efforts are successful. Educating new players from the get-go we level the playing field and increase the time fantasy sports enthusiasts just starting with the real money games stay in the hobby.

Currently a team of nine, we’re always on the look for new fantasy sports rock stars to join us. Founded by industry professionals with years of experience in the field, we understand the importance of having a strong squad.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions, business-related inquiries, or if you are considering joining our team and helping us grow the fantasy sports industry in Europe.